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The interiors of our homes are changing. They are becoming lighter, brighter and less gloomy. But that doesn’t mean that you have to start wearing sunglasses indoors!

In particular, we are seeing the use of LEDs increase. Styles such as inbouwspotjes led or built in spots, which maybe were more for commercial usage or offices a few years ago, are now finally finding a place in our living areas.

But this does not mean that our homes are becoming less homely, or more impersonal.  Far from it!

The correct use of inbouw led spotjes and its kitchen sister inbouw led spots keuken should act as an enhancement to the atmosphere in a room.

Let’s take for example the hallway. This is one area with a lot of dark corners and hidey holes for shadows. This is not the ideal welcome that you want for visitors to your home. Nor is it too great for you yourself, stumbling about in the dark and tripping over.

LED inbouw spots can help with this issue and all without blinding anyone.

The hallway and subsequent stairway in your home will be full of dark areas and the liberal use of inbouwspot LEDs can help rectify this matter.

Of course, they are not the only types of lighting suitable for the hallway and stairs. We would recommend at least one ceiling light on each level, as well as some wall mounted ones.

Push lights, fitted against the wall may be an answer to some, facing the challenge of saving electricity – these can be timed to go off just after the time it takes to safely climb the stairs.


As mentioned, spotlighting is your friend, in a whole host of different domestic occasions. From the front door, to the stairwell, these small, yet effective, lights can help guide the way from door to door.

They are also of especial use in the kitchen and bathroom as inbouw led spots badkamer.

LED spots inbouw can also go in the main living areas, to create all purpose light, into the corners of a sitting room and provide enough light to sit and read by.


Of course, you are going to want to turn the lights down low, at some point, no matter what room you are in.

Although you may already have a dimmer switch, you may not have one that is compatible with an LED bulb. But, never fear, these can be bought.

LED inbouwspots dimbaar (LED fitting spots which are dimmable) are good to go in just about any room of the house now – and we do mean any room.

There is a revolution happening in the smallest room – inbouw LED spots badkamer are now a thing and can be fitted even in the bathroom. Which is good news for intimate bath time moments!


Task lighting is something that will always be necessary within your home – the two most obvious rooms needing clear, precision lighting to see by are the kitchen and the bathroom.

For these rooms we will always recommend an overhead light in the centre of the room – be it a chandelier, something decorative like cafe lights or the trusty failsafe LED fittings.

Any or all of these combinations can be made to provide adequate and safe task lighting – but we think spotlighting makes the inevitable best choice, when fitted under units such as vanity mirrors and kitchen cupboards.


When it comes to making the best of a room, there is nothing like an eye catching pendant light, hanging like a jewel in the middle of the room.

These look especially good positioned in the centre – of any room – over the bed, if it is the bedroom or the kitchen island, in the kitchen.

Just remember that your ‘main’ central light is not the sole star of the stage – they are being ably backed up by the supporting cast in the sides and recesses!