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Every race of humans is unique: we have different skin tones, hair coloring and structure, body development peculiarities, etc. Our noses also differ by the amount of cartilage available, and other ethnic details. These details are the base for the so-called ethnic rhinoplasty NYC that includes a wide range of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Such a surgery is aimed not only at the issue solution, but also at the preserving of ethnic characteristics of the nose.

A good plastic surgeon has to be qualified enough to perform Asian rhinoplasty, for example, because the structure of Asian noses differs from the structure of Caucasian noses. It’s important that the nose specialist recognizes the differences and performs the surgery according to them.

Problems Connected with Asian Rhinoplasty

The difference in nasal structure may be the problem itself, as not all the doctors are qualified enough to cope with the troubles of Asian or Hispanic noses, for example. These characteristics are usually based on the unique structure of the bones and cartilages that lie under the nasal skin of a certain thickness.

If there’s not enough cartilage, the nose may be too flat, and this is one of the biggest problems with many ethnic groups. If the skin is too thick, the rhinoplasty recovery will take much more time. Besides, revision rhinoplasty will become a question, as with every new surgical interference the recovery time doubles.

Moreover, when the trouble is functional, it’s crucial for the surgeon to know the breathing system’s structure of every race. It’s also important to understand the reaction on artificial fillers or cartilage drafts to make the right decision when planning the surgery.

The Popularity of Asian Rhinoplasty

Asian plastic surgery NYC is the most popular of all ethnic surgeries, and its popularity is still growing. New techniques appear, older ones get developed to achieve new goals, and people try them, increasing the frequency of ethnic surgeries in New York. There are more and more people of different races moving to the US, and many of them need a rhinoplasty to fix breathing and aesthetic problems. The surgery is popular in all social groups that live in big cities like New York. Some people even say that one day the frequency of Asian rhinoplasty or other ethnic plastic surgery will become higher than the frequency of usual nose jobs.

Indications and Contraindications for Ethnic Rhinoplasty NYC

There are no stable indications created particularly for people of different races. They are the same, including functional troubles (the airway obstruction, crusting, etc.) and aesthetic deformations (asymmetry, too big or small nose, etc.). The indications also include realistic expectations and mental condition of the future patient. If there is the cause and the patient is in good mental health, there is little that can prevent him or her from getting the surgery done.

Contraindications are also standard, including infections that may make the surgery impossible, mental disorders, and unrealistic expectations. All these things are usually detected during a consultation with the surgeon, where all the risks are stated and all the troubles are discussed.


Asian rhinoplasty and any other ethnic nose job require special attention and care from the doctor, as the structure of the nose vary in different races. A thorough investigation has to be done before planning the surgery. It’s done to see whether there are no contraindications to the surgery, whether there is enough cartilage or the grafts will be needed, etc. The best rhinoplasty in NYC are usually trained in different kinds of rhinoplasty, as there are more and more people of different races that come to the US, making the population (and the list of patients) more and more diverse.