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While PBNs is not the most expensive link building strategy on the market, it still could cost you quite a lot. The most interesting thing with PBN setup is that its cost could vary anywhere from $100 to $500. In fact, you’re the only one determining the cost your network.

After you decide to set up your PBN, you basically have two options. Either you turn to a private blog network building service and get everything done for you, or you learn and do it yourself. Because of the rising popularity of the PBNs in general, the average cost of a PBN creation service dropped to about $60 per website. This is relatively cheap if you keep in mind that you’re getting it designed, set up and fully developed. Of course, if you decide to do everything on your own, you’re saving money, though it’s possible that you’ll spend even more if you count everything.

At first, you will have to find your domain name. Buying expiring auction domains is not the easiest thing and you will spend a lot of time searching for your ideal match. For example, if you take GoDaddy auctions, you might spend $30 on a domain name or your costs could go as high as $50,000. This makes it really hard to estimate your final expenditures. But most people working with brokers manage to find options for $300-$500. There is another way, you might try to work it out yourself, but that will take you a while.

The PBN hosting prices shouldn’t scare you. Normally, you would pay about $3 (the average) a month. You can find $1 offers, that would be multiple shared hosting or you could work with SEO hosting companies, where you will have to pay about $7 per month. The latter one is usually considered to be more on the expensive side.

The next thing or the final stage of getting your basic set up is to register your domain names. That really shouldn’t be done in bulk (though that would be cheaper), but on average you will have to pay about $10-$12 per a domain.

Next, comes content and designing your site. An average WP theme will cost you about $50 and you might have to spend about $10-$20 on different plugins (but that really varies from case to case). Content is something you can either work on yourself (at least partially) or get it done by the freelancers. PBN sites usually don’t spend a lot their content, but they really should as it could protect them from getting deindexed. And you can get a good article (about 500 words) for $5-$6.

If you’re running a large PBN or multiple smaller ones you also have to make sure you get your content published on time, you’re not losing your domain names and pay for services accordingly. That means that you might want to hire an assistant, which will be quite pricey.

All of that would require you to spend plenty of time and resources. While PBNs are really effective and you get a 100% result, you also have to spend too much time that could’ve otherwise been spent on your main site’s development. This is why many people prefer buying links (also 100% result) or outreach other sites (no fixed percentage of ROI) instead of getting a private blog network for sale.

Also, getting a PBN, you’re facing many complex decisions. For example, you might build lots of PBNs for your money site which will be low quality, though you’ll still get plenty of link juice. Or you might want to get a high DA PBN domain from an auction that will have more powerful links, but it will be only one site.

Also, time shows that costs always come down with experience. So if it’s your first PBN, you’ll probably spend more time and money on it specially on buying aged domains. But if you’re more accustomed to this, you will find shortcuts and ways to save your money. It’s a thing you have to try yourself to figure it out. Also, you might want to create a mix, using a private blog network service to build a network for you and then working everything out for yourself. Or you could find a company that will allow you choose from different options, so you will save money on what you need. Some people work without assistance and write content for themselves. Along with a manual installation of a theme, various plugins and choosing a cheaper domain name you really can build a strong network spending about $200-$350.